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Kaadumane Homestay

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Kaadumane Homestay is classified under “Gold Class” Homestay, by Department of Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka

Welcome to Kaadumane Homestay

“KAADUMANE” is in Joida Taluk, the largest taluk in Karnataka. Joida has the rare distinction of comprising 93% of its land area with three varieties of forests viz, Semi-deciduous, deciduous and evergreen. Three rivers of Uttar Kannada district including the mighty Kali and Pandri and Kaneri take their birth in Joida. The forest bears the beauty of an innocent maid, that is so fascinatingly picturesque.

Kadumane Homestay is just 12 km away from Dandeli. This location is especially ideal for photographers, bird watchers and for those looking for a tranquil stay.

Narsimha Bhat
Owner – Kaadumane Homestay

Kaadumane Attractions

Kaadumane Homestay is unique in its own way with beautiful surroundings made for nature lovers.

Cottages are built with an eco-friendly and modern concept with laterite stone and locally available materials. Laterite stones are the symbol of our tradition and also have positive effects on health.

Eco-Friendly Cottages

Rich Collection of Medicinal Herbs

Herbal Steam Bath

Honeybee Interaction

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Kaadumane Homestay offers customized Packages.
Kaadumane Package includes Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snacks, Coffee/tea, Dinner, Campfire (1 hour), Nature walk, Nature Bath, Herbal Bath and Honey Park Visit.

Potoli Village, Joida Taluk, Uttar Kannada District - 581325, Karnataka State

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